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Sure Edge is a fast-fit, high quality PVC-u edge trim system designed around a high quality finish and the durability to offer an extra-long life. The trim is available in either black or white and comes complete with a PVC-u Built in Batten that removes the need for a standard wooden batten. There is also a thinner back plate included which can be used to mount directly when a standard wooden batten is already in place.

The Built in Batten

Sure Edge is manufactured from high quality co-extruded PVC-u which is the same technology used for modern external fascias and barge boards. The simplicity of design allows for a far quicker and easier installation, significantly reducing the man hours required and making it a highly cost effective trim to install. This simplicity also ensures a well-executed installation allowing the full quality benefits of the trim to be achieved.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High quality co-extruded PVC-u
  • Colour match of corners, clips and trim lengths
  • Complete range of joints and corner accessories
  • Pre-drilled trims for easy installation
  • Pre-applied waterproof sealant foam on gutter trim and check kerb
  • Colour matched Polytops and stainless steel fixings
  • High stock levels for guaranteed delivery
  • Manufactured by Flex-R in the UK meeting the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System
  • Much faster installation than metal or gutter wrap system
  • Repeated positive feedback from customers about the high quality finish
  • Choice of two back plate for gutter trim – standard which will handle curved drip edges and fits to existing timber drip batten or the Built In Batten which entirely removes the need for a timber batten

Easy and Fast Installation


Gutter Trim

  • Fix the Built in Batten to the fascia using ring shank stainless steel nails
  • If a standard wooden batten is already in place simply use the standard back plate included
  • Dress membrane down over the Built in Batten with a 75mm overhang
  • Secure the Trim with 65mm Polytops

Check Kerb Trim

  • Install the membrane with a 75mm overhang on all sides
  • Hold the Trim in position and apply downward pressure to ensure a watertight seal
  • Secure the Trim with 50mm Polytops through the pre-drilled fixing holes

Corner Components

  • For all corner components simply apply super-glue to ONE edge and hold in place until set
  • Do not apply glue to both edges as the Trim needs to be able to expand and contract

Check Kerb Trim to Gutter Trim Stop Ends

  • The Check Kerb External Corner/Stop End have pop-out blanking plates indicated in black in the above diagram
  • To use as an external Check Kerb Trim corner remove both blanking plates
  • To use as a left hand or right hand Check Kerb Trim to Gutter Kerb Trim corner remove the corresponding blanking plate

Trim Joiners

  • The trim comes with joining clips that simply hook beneath the extrusion and clip over the top by applying positive pressure

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Registered Office: Flex-R Ltd, Sandswood House, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 4HJ

Telephone: 0800 037 1240   Email: enq@duoply.co.uk