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PVC Perimeter Trim


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Manufactured from from Extruded Blown Styrene commonly used in modern day construction.

The formulation used in the DuoPly Trims has produced the outstanding characteristics of high colour stability, high impact resistance, UV & fire resistance (to UL 94V-2, Self Extinguishing in 60 secs) manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Developed to increase the ease of installation of the roof perimeter and give an enhanced aesthetic appearance for the property owner.

The trims are available with colour matched fixings, joint covers and pre-formed internal & external corners.

Drip Edge

PVC Perimeter Trim - Drip Edge

GeneralPVC Perimeter Trims

The DuoPly Drip Edge system consists of two parts, the 25 x 40mm backing plate and a 7 x 100mm deep front plate.

These are manufactured to fit precisely together to clamp the membrane between the two sections and allow the water to run off over the front edge.

Features & Benefits

  • 2.5m lengths
    Front section: 75mm deep
    Back Section: 40mm deep
  • Colour matched to the EPDM membrane
  • Simple to install
  • Wide backing plate negates need for an extra timber section to create the step into the gutter.
  • Drip Edge trims supplied with end clips and fixings, Internal & External corners are also available for the DuoPly Drip Edge.
  • Easily installed by one person


1. Ensure membrane is between the two sections by 50mm
2. Back plate is securely fastened to building fabri

Perimeter Edge

Perimeter Edge


The DuoPly perimeter edge trim, simplifies and speeds up the finishing of the flat roof perimeter.

Made from colour stable, impact resistant, UV and fire resistant Extruded Blown Styrene giving an economic but good looking perimeter detail.

The trims have a closed-cell, compressible PVC foam pre-applied to the underside section of the perimeter trim. These foam tapes protect against water, dirt ingress and resist weathering, UV oxidation, mildew and fungus.

To create a proper seal between the trim and the membrane, the tape must be compressed by 30% to prevent water ingress, ideally the tape will be compressed by 25-50% of its overall height. Over compression should be avoided.

Features & Benefits

  • 2.5m lengths, 100mm deep, 29mm head width, 7mm leg width
  • Pre-Applied closed-cell sealing tape
  • Fast installation of perimeter edge
  • Easy to install
  • No need to install timber upstand prior to installing the DuoPly roofing membrane
  • Excellent weathering characteristics

PrecautionsPerimeter Edge Trim

1. Sealing tape must be compressed by a minimum of 30%

2. Over compression of tape should be avoided

3. Ensure dirt and debris isn’t trapped under trim on installation

4. Allow membrane to come down behind the trim by 50mm

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