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Paving Support Disc - Technical Data Bulletin

Paving Support Disc

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DuoPly Paving Support Disc used for installing paving slabs or decking onto DuoPly flat roof systems. Designed to lift the roof terrace system 15mm above the flat roof surface alowing for a clear flow of water under the roof terrace system.

These are laid directly onto the membrane without the need for adhesives or fixings, using the weight of the terracing system to hold them in place onto the roof surface. The support discs are manufactured with upright locating pegs to lock the paving slabs into place and leaving a 3mm gap between slabs for drainage. They are also suitable for supporting rafters with a timber decking system.

The bases made from high-density polyethylene(HDPE), HDPE resins combines toughness and stiffness with resistance to environmental stress,cracking, impact resistance and extreme temperatures change.

Features & Benefits

  • 145mm diameter disc with 15mm lift height
  • No adhesive or fixings on/into the flat roof surface
  • Stackable for changes in height or steps
  • Manufactured to split into sections for terminating by upstands


1. Before laying paving and discs ensure the roof system is correctly finished and the flat roof area is swept clean of all dirt and debris.

2. Position the paving slabs and discs so the corners of four slabs meet tight into the locating pegs.


1. Do not cut any slabs or decking directly onto the membrane, always use a protective board.

2. Position all cut edges of slabs to meet upstands at the perimeter of the roof for the best visual finish.

3. If paving or support discs wobble or uneven pack the underside of the paving support with an off cut of DuoPly EPDM membrane.

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