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Molded EPDM Walkway Pads - Technical Data Bulletin

Molded EPDM Walkway Pads

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The DuoPly EPDM Pressure Sensitive Walkway Pads are designed to protect EPDM membranes in those areas on flat roofs exposed to repetitive foot traffic. Dimpled top surface with Pre-applied Seam Tape on the underside for bonding to membrane.

Installed at all foot traffic concentraction points e.g. roof hatches, access doors, rooftop ladders etc. regardless of frequency. EPDM walkway pads must also be fitted if regular acces to rooftop equipment is required for maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Slip resistant and UV resistant
  • Excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Pre-Applied Seam Tape on underside of pads for non penetrative securing to EPDM membrane with DuoPly EPDM primer
  • Light weight
  • 760mm x 760mm


1. Remove excess dust and dirt from the EPDM membrane by wiping with a clean rag. To remove accumulated dirt, footprints etc., from the flat roof surface, scrub the EPDM membrane with warm, soapy water and rinse with clean water or use Weathered Membrane Cleaner.

2. Ensure the DuoPly EPDM membrane is completely dry before installation of Walkway Pads.

3. Adhere the EPDM PS Walkway Pads using DuoPly EPDM Primer to deck surface where the Pre-Applied Seam Tape will be in contact with the EPDM membrane.

4. Allow a 25mm wide gap between Walkway Pads. Discontinue walkways over field seams, allowing a minimum 25mm gap either side of the seam.


The Walkway pads are to be used as a walkway only and is not designed as a substitute for ballast. Walkway pads cannot be installed within 3m of the roof perimeter or projects over 15m in height for ballasted or mechanical fixed systems. Concrete pavers may be used in these areas. When installing walkways in conjunction with ballast, avoid the entrapment of small
ballast below walkway pads.

Colour: Black
Pad Thickness: min - 4mm , max -5.1mm
Tensile Strength: 500 Psi
Tear Resistance: 250 Psi
Size: 760mm x 760mm
Weight: 3.6 kg

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