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150mm PS Cover Strip - Technical Data Bulletin

150mm PS Cover Strip

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DuoPly EPDM Pressure Sensitive (PS) Cover Strip is a 1mm thick, semi-cured black EPDM membrane laminated to a 0.89mm thick fully cured synthetic rubber PS adhesive.

PS EPDM Cover Strip is available in rolls up to 150mm x 30.5m and is used for butt jointing of DuoPly membranes, seaming of metal edging and other seaming details or simply making repairs. PS Cover strip must be used in conjunction with DuoPly EPDM Primer.

Features & Benefits

  • 150mm wide by up to 30.5m long
  • As tough as the DuoPly field membrane
  • Semi-cured state enables it to handle expansion and contrcation loads without weakening
  • Resists tearing, cracking and abrasion.



1. The entire surface where the the DuoPly EPDM Cover Strip will be applied must be clean and dry. The adhesive on the back of the PS Cover Strip will not adhere to dusty/dirty surfaces. Any residual contamination will be detrimental to the bond strength of the adhesive.

2. Remove any dirt and excess dust from the splice by wiping with a clean rag. If needed, clean the splice area thoroughly with Weathered Membrane Cleaner. This is essential for membrane that has been exposed for a number of weeks.

3. Application of DuoPly EPDM Primer: Brush or roller (short pile roller) applied. Apply the primer to the area of the DuoPly EPDM membrane to be flashed. The properly primed area will be free of streaks, globules or puddles.

4. Allow the primer to dry until it does not transfer to a dry finger. Install the DuoPly cover strip immediately to minimise potential dust/dirt contamination and promote adhesion in colder weather.

5. Peel back 250-300mm of the protective cellophane liner from the DuoPly Cover Strip. Position the Cover Strip over the primed area and press down the exposed tape adhesive using firm, even hand pressure across the entire area working out any air. Continue this until the full length of the tape is installed.

6. Immediately roll the DuoPly Cover Strip. Roll across the strip not along it.

7. To achieve proper adhesion of the DuoPly Cover Strip when job site temperatures fall below 5°C, heat the primed area of the membrane as the flashing is applied and pressed into place.

8. When field junctions of tapes occur ensure a cover patch is installed at each point using 225mm PS Uncured Elastoform Flashing tape.

*Review current DuoPly specifications and details for specific application requirements.


1. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of reaction thoroughly wash affected area with soap and water.

2. Prolonged job site storage in excess of 32°C may affect product shelf life.

3. In warm sunny weather, to ease handling, keep PS Cover Strip rolls in their box or in a shaded area until ready to use.

4. DuoPly PS Cover Strip must be stored in a dry environment.

5. Storage and use of DuoPly PS Cover Strip at temperatures at temperatures below 4°C will result in a loss of adhesive tack and in extreme cases, will result in no bond to the substrate. Precautions should be taken to provide suitable storage (min. 15°C) and suitable use of heat gun on site to promote adhesion.

6. Due to solvent flash off, condensation may form on applied DuoPly Primer when the ambient temperature is near the dew point. If condensation develops, the application of DuoPly Primer and Cover Strip must be discontinued as proper adhesion will not be achieved. Allow the surface to dry before applying a thin coat of DuoPly Primer to the previously primed area.

7. PS Cover Strip is semi-cured and cannot be used for flashing corners, pipes or other molded details.

8. Do not allow waste products (petroleum, grease, oils, solvents, vegetable or mineral oil, animal fats, etc.) or direct steam venting to come into contact with the PS Cover Strip.


Colour: Black
Base: Membrane - EPDM, Adhesive - Synthetic Rubber
Solids: 100%
Tensile Strength: 800 psi (5.5 Mpa) minimum
Elongation: 500-700%
Tear Resistance: 19.2-21.0 kN/m
Ozone Resistance: No cracks
(Condition after exposure to 100pphm Ozone in air for 168 hours at 40°C, specimen under 50% strain)
Brittleness Temp:. -45°C
Nominal Thickness: 1.91mm
Nominal Width Membrane: 150mm Adhesive 155mm
Net Weight per roll: 10 ks
Shelf Life: 1 year

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