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EPDM Pipe Boots - Technical Data Bulletin

EPDM Pipe Boots

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DuoPly EPDM Pre Fabricated pipe boots are cured EPDM pipe seals with a Pressure Sensitive tape applied to the bottom of the pipe flange. Ideal for quick and easy flashing of pipes upto 150mm in diameter.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in two sizes to accomodate the majority of pipe sizes. Small boot size from
  • 12-75mm and the larger boot from 25-150mm boots.
  • DuoPly PS pipe boots have Pre-applied Seam Tape (PST) on the bottom of the deck flange, allowing strong and simple bonding to the membrane
  • Complete with a stainless steel clamp to secure the pipe boot collar to the pipe.
  • Used in conjunction with DuoPly EPDM primer to bond the pipe boot to the EPDM membrane


1. Cut the EPDM pipe boot above the raised “ring” mark that is one size smaller than the pipe diameter.

2. Pull the pipe boot over the top of the pipe and down until the base flange is in contact with the DuoPly EPDM membrane.

3. Mark the membrane around the flange to indicate where to apply the DuoPly EPDM primer. Once marked pull the flange of the pipe boot upwards to expose the EPDM membrane around the base of the pipe.

4. Apply DuoPly EPDM primer to the marked area where the base flange will be bonded to the EPDM membrane. Allow the primer to dry until it does not transfer to a dry fingers touch.

5. Pull the bottom of the pipe boot back down and into position onto the primed area.

7. Remove the protective liner from the underside of the pipe boot flange and press into the primed area.Roll the flange of the pipe boot with a 50mm hand roller.

8. Install the stainless steel clamping ring to the top of the pipe to clamp the pipe collar.

9. When a field splice intersects a pipe boot, install a cover patch.


1. Remove all lead and existing flashings from the pipe.

2. Temperature of the pipe must not exceed 82°C.

3. Deck flanges of pipe boots should not be overlapped, cut or applied through angle changes.

4. Clamping ring must be installed and fully tightened.

5. Apply cover patches if the pipe boot crosses a field seam.

  Small Boot Large Boot
Material Molded EPDM Molded EPDM
Colour Black Black
Size 12-75mm 25-150mm
Weight 0.32kg 0.50kg
Shelf Life 1 year 1 year

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