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The Ideal Flat Roofing System For Your Home

DuoPly™ is the ideal flat roofing system for your home. The convenient size, ease of application and product durability makes it a suitable flat roofing system for all domestic projects.

A recent study of aged EPDM showed that after 26 years of real world exposure, EPDM still retained excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and weathering resistance. EPDM just doesn't get brittle with age!

To maximise the design and aesthetic potential of your property, the DuoPly™ EPDM roofing system can be used on a range of surfaces for warm and cold roof design, refurbishment or new build construction. It is also the perfect roofing membrane for use with green roofs, balconies, roof patios and terraces.

DuoPly™ is a durable solution for all residential flat roofs, such as extensions, dormers, garages, mansard roofs, porches, balconies, terraces and gutters. The system is fully adhered to the deck or insulation and spliced using the latest seam technology. This ensures the roof gains maximum strength and long term life expectancy.

  • Resistance

DuoPly™ Flat Roofing Systems are not affected by extremes of temperature. Installations are in varied climates - from the cold of Alaska to the heat of the Sahara, resulting in no change in strength or elasticity between -30°C and +120°C

DuoPly™ rubber flat roofing is not degraded by ultraviolet or ozone, meaning no chippings or extra treatments are needed to protect the roof for years to come.

The DuoPly™ roofing membrane giving a smooth, wrinkle-free installation. It's colour of dark grey slate looks natural and doesn't easily show dirt.

  • Performance

DuoPly™ flat roofing membrane easily bends with no stress, to follow the contours of the roof, upstand to walls, check curb edges, skylights, pipes and terminations into gutters and the like.

EPDM has over 300% flexibility so will easily accommodate building movement.

DuoPly™ rubber roofing repels all moisture and does not suffer with age from cracking or crazing.

DuoPly™ "breathes" allowing vapours to escape, thus preventing blisters.

DuoPly™ is an environmentally friendly product which is applied with little energy. Both Government and the International Kyoto Ecology agreement recommends EPDM rubber as Best Value sustainable eco-sound roofing. DuoPly EPDM makes efficient usage of resources due to its low installed weight per square meter (1.7Kg/m²) and long durability.

  • Flat Roof Refurbishment

Not all projects are suitable for the removal of existing roof surfaces. If this is the case, overlaying is an option you may consider. Providing the existing substrate is of a sound and suitable condition to give a solid roof surface, you can overlay felt roofs, asphalt roofs, concrete screed, fibreglass, metal decks and old timber decking with DuoPly™ membranes. This will give you the roof you want at the price you can afford.

  • New Build Properties

Why protect your new property with an old fashioned product? Like everything in life, products and materials move on with time. Flat roofing is the same. Modern technology allows for lightweight, single-ply materials to outperform traditional roof coverings.

The simple, heat free roofing product with Pre-Applied Seam Tape and other Pressure Sensitive Accessories is the solution for all flat roofs. After all, it's waterproof before it gets to you, it just needs gluing down.

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Download the DuoPly Brochure

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